3D Kitchen Renders Before & After

Experience your kitchen before you buy.

At acanthus we believe design is key & the ability to present a design to our clients in a way that showcases their future purchase from us is an absolute must.

Our state of the art 3D design software allows us to create stunning 3D kitchen & Furniture Visuals giving you the client the opportunity to experience how your new kitchen will look in your home before committing to a purchase.

By utilizing our design software we can tweak designs to your specification making changes not just to the layout but also changes to the colour, style & materials of your furniture along with worktops and even the colour of your interior walls allowing you to get a real feel of your space before committing to purchasing.

Kitchen Installation 3D Render Example Before & After:

We completed a kitchen for a client in Crosby, Liverpool almost 1 year ago and the client has recently shared some images of their kitchen with us which allows us to show our original 3D design compared to the finished kitchen.

The 3D renders created by our designers made a big difference for our client not just to see their kitchen furniture but also the house extension they were having built which we were able to create from the supplied architect drawings prior to the finished build.


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