Armac Martin Matt Black Handles

Armac Martin Matt Black Handles

Here at Acanthus we believe the finishing touches in your kitchen are just as important as choosing the overall style or material. Interior fittings, kitchen seating and appliances are all important to get the finished look just right. With more contemporary styles and finishes being incorporated into kitchen designs, black furniture fittings are in high demand. Handles in particular can be the key feature in turning a good kitchen design into that great designer kitchen. Also allowing the home owner add their personal touch to their new kitchen.

Armac Martin’s new ‘Matt Black’ finish in available in many of their collections. Offering a contemporary look, while upholding the high quality and durability expected from Armac Martin. The company focus on offering high quality products which they view as a purchase you should only have to make once giving full confidence in its sustainability.



Armac Martin Handles Collections Available in Matt Black Lacquer

Armac Handles Finished In Matt Black

Armac Martin Matt Black Handles Merrick

Armac Martin’s Merrick Knob in Matt Black















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A material that has seen a surge for kitchen Worktops is Neolith, replicating marble and stone. Neolith has a revolutionary manufacturing process using 100% natural materials, extreme heat and intense pressure. The end result is a porcelain material that is extremely durable.


Neolith kitchen worktops iron grey

Worktops & Fascia’s


This man made natural material has some desirable qualities including. Resistant to scratching, chemical cleaning agents and surface Colour fading to name a few. Offering a well thought-out range of finishes to suit the modern kitchen while also being very practical in a kitchen environment.

Neolith Iron Blue

Iron Blue




Finishes range from polished, to river washed. As this is a porcelain it can also be used in bathrooms, Interiors and even external facades. The surface adds another texture and interest in any Interior space and is one that as a Designer I get excited to use it within my schemes.

Neolith Flooring












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Copper Kitchen

Trending in 2018

Copper has become increasingly popular to use within both traditional & contemporary Space’s. This soft Malleable metal made a big come back in 2016 & has been a must have finish ever since. Finishes such as Brass are also making a big comeback this year with its retro 70’s looks. Copper is still top of the list for accessories in the kitchen & home. It’s in the Kitchen where this finish can take centre stage and showcase its natural properties. Regardless of it’s polished or weathered finish.

There are numerous ways to incorporate Copper into your cooking area. It’s Natural versatility lends it’s self to any kitchen style. From pots and pans to worktops and splash backs, there are many ways to incorporate this Finish into the designed space.

Glass and Polished Copper Light


Polished Copper

A Polished Finish can give a sleek and streamlined look to a minimalist style kitchen. Choosing copper with smooth surface will be more in keeping with a simple clean modern look.


Hammered Copper Pendant Light


Hammered Copper

For a more traditional or country style kitchen choosing a hammered, dull finish with an aged rustic look, can sit well within this style of kitchen. That said there are no hard & fast rules regarding the right finish and many modern, traditional kitchens work well with the sleek polished finish if used correctly.



If you are thinking of adding accessories to your kitchen space, opt for statement pieces made with the raw material rather than mass-produced imitation alternatives as this guarantees longevity, both physically and aesthetically.


Pictured Below is a recent English Classic Kitchen Finished in Farrow & Ball Skimming Stone & Charleston Grey. The Kitchen Features 3 Copper Pendants which add the perfect finishing touch.

Acanthus English Classic Bespoke Kitchen Featuring 3 Copper Pendant Lights