3D Kitchen Renders Before & After

Experience your kitchen before you buy.

At acanthus we believe design is key & the ability to present a design to our clients in a way that showcases their future purchase from us is an absolute must.

Our state of the art 3D design software allows us to create stunning 3D kitchen & Furniture Visuals giving you the client the opportunity to experience how your new kitchen will look in your home before committing to a purchase.

By utilizing our design software we can tweak designs to your specification making changes not just to the layout but also changes to the colour, style & materials of your furniture along with worktops and even the colour of your interior walls allowing you to get a real feel of your space before committing to purchasing.

Kitchen Installation 3D Render Example Before & After:

We completed a kitchen for a client in Crosby, Liverpool almost 1 year ago and the client has recently shared some images of their kitchen with us which allows us to show our original 3D design compared to the finished kitchen.

The 3D renders created by our designers made a big difference for our client not just to see their kitchen furniture but also the house extension they were having built which we were able to create from the supplied architect drawings prior to the finished build.


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Mrs Stevenson – Crosby

Mrs Stevenson - Crosby - Acanthus Design Review

Mrs Stevenson  recommends Acanthus Design.

Five stars! Acanthus have carried out designs for three rooms in our home and have always done a quality job. Each of the rooms had their own design difficulties which were all overcome by clever design and expert craftsmanship. Will be top of the list when we come to do the next one!

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Armac Martin Matt Black Handles

Armac Martin Matt Black Handles

Here at Acanthus we believe the finishing touches in your kitchen are just as important as choosing the overall style or material. Interior fittings, kitchen seating and appliances are all important to get the finished look just right. With more contemporary styles and finishes being incorporated into kitchen designs, black furniture fittings are in high demand. Handles in particular can be the key feature in turning a good kitchen design into that great designer kitchen. Also allowing the home owner add their personal touch to their new kitchen.

Armac Martin’s new ‘Matt Black’ finish in available in many of their collections. Offering a contemporary look, while upholding the high quality and durability expected from Armac Martin. The company focus on offering high quality products which they view as a purchase you should only have to make once giving full confidence in its sustainability.



Armac Martin Handles Collections Available in Matt Black Lacquer

Armac Handles Finished In Matt Black

Armac Martin Matt Black Handles Merrick

Armac Martin’s Merrick Knob in Matt Black















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A material that has seen a surge for kitchen Worktops is Neolith, replicating marble and stone. Neolith has a revolutionary manufacturing process using 100% natural materials, extreme heat and intense pressure. The end result is a porcelain material that is extremely durable.


Neolith kitchen worktops iron grey

Worktops & Fascia’s


This man made natural material has some desirable qualities including. Resistant to scratching, chemical cleaning agents and surface Colour fading to name a few. Offering a well thought-out range of finishes to suit the modern kitchen while also being very practical in a kitchen environment.

Neolith Iron Blue

Iron Blue




Finishes range from polished, to river washed. As this is a porcelain it can also be used in bathrooms, Interiors and even external facades. The surface adds another texture and interest in any Interior space and is one that as a Designer I get excited to use it within my schemes.

Neolith Flooring












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Kitchen Trough Sink

Multi Functional Trough Sink

More homeowners are now considering the ‘Wow factor’ too add to their home, more specifically the kitchen. A space that is now the hub of the home, for socializing, entertaining and family gatherings. If space allows, a secondary sink has always proven to be useful within most kitchen styles.



Kitchen Trough Sink Filled with Ice Chilling Prosseco


But what If a multi functional streamline trough sink was centre stage? This could be used for anything from chilling bottles of Prosecco, growing herbs, holding ice for parties or even displaying / chilling food. This would be a great focal point when entertaining but when not in use a simple neat extra slab of work top or even a piece of oak to act like a chopping board when the sink isn’t in use.

Certainly worth considering if you are an avid entertainer?


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Copper Kitchen

Trending in 2018

Copper has become increasingly popular to use within both traditional & contemporary Space’s. This soft Malleable metal made a big come back in 2016 & has been a must have finish ever since. Finishes such as Brass are also making a big comeback this year with its retro 70’s looks. Copper is still top of the list for accessories in the kitchen & home. It’s in the Kitchen where this finish can take centre stage and showcase its natural properties. Regardless of it’s polished or weathered finish.

There are numerous ways to incorporate Copper into your cooking area. It’s Natural versatility lends it’s self to any kitchen style. From pots and pans to worktops and splash backs, there are many ways to incorporate this Finish into the designed space.

Glass and Polished Copper Light


Polished Copper

A Polished Finish can give a sleek and streamlined look to a minimalist style kitchen. Choosing copper with smooth surface will be more in keeping with a simple clean modern look.


Hammered Copper Pendant Light


Hammered Copper

For a more traditional or country style kitchen choosing a hammered, dull finish with an aged rustic look, can sit well within this style of kitchen. That said there are no hard & fast rules regarding the right finish and many modern, traditional kitchens work well with the sleek polished finish if used correctly.



If you are thinking of adding accessories to your kitchen space, opt for statement pieces made with the raw material rather than mass-produced imitation alternatives as this guarantees longevity, both physically and aesthetically.


Pictured Below is a recent English Classic Kitchen Finished in Farrow & Ball Skimming Stone & Charleston Grey. The Kitchen Features 3 Copper Pendants which add the perfect finishing touch.

Acanthus English Classic Bespoke Kitchen Featuring 3 Copper Pendant Lights


“Simply Stunning”

We are absolutely over the moon with our new Kitchen & bedrooms. The whole experience was stress free & from our initial design consultation to the furniture being fitted everyone involved has been extremely helpful, we cannot praise the work of the installation team who went above and beyond to ensure everything was perfectly finished beyond our expectations. The bedrooms are beautiful and the Kitchen is simply stunning, we cannot wait to get our study from you next year! Please thank everyone involved for their hard efforts.


Your’s Sincerely

Mr & Mrs Peterson


Mr & Mrs Mears

Dear Acanthus,

We are Delighted with the Quooker system. With regard to the installation of the Franke sink & Quooker, both tradesmen were highly professional and most friendly as was you attention to our enquires.

Best Wishes

Mr & Mrs Mears.

Quooker Classic Boiling Tap

NEW Quooker Classic RangeQuooker Tap Logo

Introducing the New Quooker Classic range from Quooker

Traditional English Classic Kitchen? Fear not, Quooker have launched the new Quooker Classic range designed specifically to suit our English Classic Kitchen Range. The new classic range is available in both the Fusion & Nordic Tap style.

The Quooker tap offers the advantages as the familiar Quooker Taps delivering a fine aerated spray of 100 degrees boiling water, ensuring that there is no risk of scalding or burning.  All taps feature a child proof double push turn to activate the boiling water flow including an insulated spout.

This contemporary appliance is quickly becoming a necessity when we are asked to design a kitchen and by introducing a more traditional styled Quooker Fusion and single Nordic tap, Quooker have been able to introduce the latest technology perfectly suited to our English Classic kitchen Range.


A new timeless classic that will look at home in every country style kitchen. 

Available in both Chrome & Stainless Steel

Quooker traditional classic fusion round chrome
Quooker traditional classic fusion square chrome
Classic Fusion Round  Classic Fusion Square
Quooker traditional classic nordic single tap round chrome
Quooker traditional classic nordic single tap square chrome
Classic Nordic Round single tap Classic Nordic Square single tap

Cold Water Filter Option

The classic range is also available with a cold water filter option. Push and turn just once and a new, cool blue LED light will shine indicating that the water filter is being used. Push twice and turn the ring, and the now familiar red LED safety light will be illuminated. Making you aware that 100°C boiling water is being dispensed.



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The Kitchen Sink

The Kitchen Sink

The humble sink – A key part of a kitchen and not to be over looked.

It’s surprisingly around your kitchen sink area that you spend the most time so it is important to consider which sink works best for you. Unlike many integrated products within the kitchen that can be hidden behind closed doors the kitchen sink is always on show. So Style and sophistication to suit the room is paramount.

Different styles and finishes of sinks can enhance a design and set a tone for many other additions within the kitchen. Key features to look out for when choosing your sink and taps are; longevity, robustness, do they evoke ease & comfort of use? Both not only need to work effortlessly together but need to be well paired in design and function.

Your sink should suit the way you prefer to use your kitchen. What’s becoming more popular if your kitchen size and style permits, is a secondary prep sink. Ideally located near the prep and cooking area. This can be a great advantage when preparing fruit, vegetables, or when multiple people are cooking in the kitchen.


Stainless Steel Sinks

Practicality works hand in hand with good design, stainless steel is one of the leading styles due to its low maintenance properties.


  • Stainless Steel sinks have great durability giving your sink longevity
  • Resistant to corrosion
  • Resistant to chipping, cracking & premature wear
  • Easy to clean & does not harbour bacteria
  • Price, although some stainless sinks can be expensive in general a quality stylish stainless steel sinks are the most affordable option


  • There are not many cons to stainless steel sinks but cheaper options may be less aesthetically pleasing to the eye


Franke Kubus KBX 1.5 Stainless steel kitchen sink

Franke Kubus KBX 1.5 Stainless steel sink and cosmic black granite

Ceramic Sinks

Ceramic or porcelain sinks offer the wow factor and are available in porcelain, standard ceramic or fireclay with the latter being the most durable & expensive. A few points about fireclay ceramics.


  • Heat, impact, dirt & stain Resistant
  • Resistant to chemicals due to heavy duty glazed surface
    • The heavy duty glazed surface is also resilient to chips & scratches while also making the surface hypoallergenic.


  • Although white ceramic sinks can achieve the look within the kitchen it is worth considering that they will show more dirt and require a little more TLC when compared to stainless steel sinks.
  • The fireclay version is very resilient but if a chip or deep scratch does occur the coating will be compromised.


English Classic Kitchen Featuring Belfast ceramic kitchen sink

Belfast Ceramic Sink and Silestone Worktop

Corian Sinks (Acrylic)

Acrylic composites are becoming more popular allowing for seamless design where worktop & bowl are moulded as one.


  • Design flexibility allowing to be moulded into any shape
  • easily integrated into Corian worktops
  • No visible joints
  • Hygenic
  • If any damage does occur it can be easily repaired


  • Acrylic Sinks do not like excessive heat so boiling water taps and Corian sinks do not work well together
  • Corian can scratch easily and although it can be repaired this could be costly if you scratch the material on a regular basis
  • Sharp and heavy objects can damage Corian
  • needs to be cleaned everyday and be kept dry to avoid a surface haze as a result of water being left on the surface.


Shaped Corian Worktop & Kitchen Sink

Corian Sink and Shaped Corian Worktop