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The kitchen is fast becoming the home of all the latest gadgets amongst seamless design. There are many cutting edge luxury Gadgets making life easier in the home & some can take centre stage when entertaining. The latest to come to the market is the Kaelo. Inspired from a dripping wet bottle served from an Ice bucket. Kevin Jabou founder of the Kaelo, was determined to find a solution that would keep wine perfectly chilled. The Kaelo’s designed to be modern, fun & something that would spark conversation.

Whilst spending time perfecting your new kitchen design to suit your lifestyle, appliances can add that extra style and sophistication. Whether you’re entertaining friends, having a romantic night in or just wanting a family meal. Kaelo boasts pioneering design with Innovative technology.

Kaelo integrated wine cooler set in bar top


Pioneering design, lots of Fun


Their patented cooling system creates a jacket of cold air which wraps around the bottle allowing the bottle to stay completely dry and perfectly chilled. A simple touch on the crown activates the cooling system keeping your wine within 1-2c of perfect opening temperature. Minimum maintenance is required & Unlike an ice bucket there are no drips, refills or mess.

The Kaelo wine cooler would look great on a bar, in a drinks cabinet or situated within a kitchen Island servicing an accompanying seating area. 7 premium crown colours are available to suit most situations while 27 colours of LED light help suit the mood. Furthermore there is a freestanding option available offering the versatility of being able to keep your beverage chilled. So whether your relaxing in the living room or entertaining in the garden on a summers evening.

In conclusion the Kaelo integrated wine cooler is A little bit of luxury, handmade in England and I’m looking forward to incorporating this into my next Design!


Sarah Gray – Interior and Kitchen Designer at Acanthus Design LTD

Pop Up Sockets

Pop Up Sockets Review & Information


As technology advances in all areas of life so does the tech found in the Kitchen & home. Gone have the days of just a simple oven & hob combo in the kitchen along with a mixing bowl, a few pans & a wooden spoon.

These Days we find ourselves with an abundance of tech. From mobile phones to bread making machines all requiring some form of power. As the kitchen has become more and more important as the hub of the home with everything from cooking, watching TV, entertaining and more happening in one area, we find ourselves needing to be more flexible with the space we have. Even with the addition of several wall sockets around the kitchen for powering everything, most of us still need more.

If you have found yourself unplugging a phone to plug in your blender or left wondering why the coffee machine never made your favourite mocha-chino only to find out someone unplugged the machine to charge their Tablet! then a pop up socket is going to be top of the list of must have items.

Making the Right Choice:

With several pop up sockets on the market there is a variety to choose from offering a suitable solution to worktop power in the kitchen and other areas around the home. Acanthus have been installing pop up sockets for many years and they are far from a new invention. We have noticed that most on the market are cheap looking items made from thin plastic and are not so much pop up but more drag up manually.

As leaders in kitchen & furniture design we always seek out the best products on the market to use in our installations offering you the very best the market has to offer while still taking into account the cost of such items. One of our top items we highly recommend are the pop up sockets by Socketbox! An intelligent design offering not just a reliable durable product but a piece of kit that ticks all the boxes!

Socketbox Pop Up Sockets

  • Reliable
  • Durable
  • Motorised
    • A Membrane switch included which hides neatly under the from edge of your worktop.
  • Available in 2 powder coated finishes (Midnight Black or Polar White)
    • Custom colours available on request
  • Option of Additional Remote control
  • 1 double socket or 2 double sockets (1 front & 1 Back)
  • Matching Lid (Not included, to be made from the same worktop material as the work surface your mounting into)

Also Available:

Drop Down Sockets by Socketbox

The Drop Down Wall Unit Sockets from Socketbox feature all the same great features of the pop up sockets with the addition of USB’s which are accessible while the socket is in its closed position giving you easy access to charge phones & tablets.

Here is a recent image of a Midnight Black Pop up socket We have installed from Socketbox showcasing just how sleek these sockets are.

Acanthus Kitchen Featuring Pop Up Sockets by Socket Box

To see these sockets in action click the video below:


Full range Of Pop Up Sockets Are Available with Most Furniture Purchase’s From Acanthus Design.

If you are interested in Purchasing A Pop up Socket As part Of A New Kitchen Or Furniture Installation. Please Contact Us For Your Free No Obligation Quotation.

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