At Acanthus we pride ourselves on being first and foremost a design company. In our lives good design makes the most impact, gives the best value and the most pleasure.

Quality of design is the single most important ingredient in the mixing bowl for any new project but particularly for the kitchen in your home. The kitchen is possibly the most important space we live in and has become a space without boundaries, over spilling into family space, dining and entertainment.


Acanthus Barcelona Oak & Painted Kitchen Designed With Flair


The Acanthus team mix design flair and passion with the ability to listen to your wishes and help you achieve what you truly want, a truly bespoke service. Our designers still retain real ability with a pencil and paper whilst also utilising state of the art design software when required.

Acanthus Walk In Dressing Room Featuring a Quality Black Finish With Faux Skins, Mirror's & LED Lights


Quality of materials to be used in your project will have been approved by the Acanthus design team and selected as the best for the application required. Quality advice will always be given during your selection process. Quality of installation will always be maintained and monitored by the Acanthus design team.

Acanthus Barcelona kitchen Featuring Oak & Walnut Timbers & Burl Oak


Our team will control and direct the production of your furniture though every step during manufacture. We have the unique ability to appoint many different artisans in many disciplines such as wood, steel, stone and glass to produce your finished furniture to your satisfaction.

Have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.

William Morris